Achieving, Connecting, Thriving Leadership Conference (April 29, 2011)

2011 Leadership Conference

On April 29, 2011, Boston After School & Beyond co-convened the Achieving, Connecting, Thriving Leadership Conference with PEAR. This conference was the 7th in a succession of PEAR conferences over the past decade and represents a new collaboration with Boston After School & Beyond. The conference participants consisted of professionals who are decision-makers in their organizations and can be catalysts for change.

Opening remarks by Mayor Menino

The day's speakers included:


Dr. Elena Silva, Education Sector


Dr. Gil Noam, PEAR


Chris Smith, Boston After School & Beyond


The conference theme recognizes that our future prosperity depends on our collective ability to provide all young people with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to thrive in a knowledge-based economy and a global society. It also recognizes the need to mobilize academic, enrichment, and mental health supports around the specific needs and interests of youth in order to achieve measurable results in student learning. The conference convened leading local and national researchers and practitioners to discuss the latest thinking and state-of-the-art practices and multi-sector efforts on behalf of young people. Its focus is on the power of collaboration among professionals in schools, after-schools, and other medical and social service settings, and on shared accountability for youth outcomes. Additionally, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced the expansion of the Summer Learning Initiative at the conference.

Themes of the day included:

  • Building a Better Bridge: Preparing Students for Post-Secondary Success
  • Back Into the Fold: Strategies for Re-connecting Young People to Learning
  • Carpe Diem: Leveraging After-School, Summer, and the Expanded Day
  • From Trauma to Resiliency: Violence Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery
  • Getting Ahead of the Game: Assessing Strengths and Risks in Youth


Morning Plenary: Carol Johnson, Paul Reville, Elena Silva, and Kelly Bathgate


Afternoon Plenary: Robert Balfanz, Hillary Salmons, John Barros, and Andrew Sum


Robert Balfanz


Robert Macy


Rahn Dorsey, The Barr Foundation


Tina Malti


Scott Rauch and Sara Hoots


Stacey Lucchino and Lori Etringer


Robert Kargman