“In order to bring equity of opportunity to all of Boston's young people, we must expand our ideas about what learning means -- including when, where, how and with whom it happens."

~Boston Learns Together 

Boston After School & Beyond is a public-private partnership dedicated to supporting, strengthening, and expanding Boston's after-school sector. By fostering strategies that link education and enrichment efforts, Boston Beyond seeks to improve outcomes for Boston's youth. Read more about Boston Beyond ...

The Partnership Council—a growing coalition of more than 50 organizations which, collectively, provide tens of thousands of program slots for Boston’s young people—has outlined a set of principles for ensuring that we close the opportunity gap for all children in the city.

Check out a summary of this Summer's Updates for Boston's Summer Learning Project, a national model, and read any you may have missed!

Watch the new Wallace Foundation Summer Learning video!

Boston After School & Beyond Networks:

Boston Youth Sports Initiative

Boston Youth Environmental Network
Teen Initiative